Hello, World: The Sleuth Blogs

People have kept telling me I should blog, but I’d never know exactly what to blog about, exactly. In conversation I’d often have so many windows open, I’ve always figured that represented in text it’d seem I was rambling. (Also, the stuff inside my head is so crazy that I found the safest thing for me to blog about were technical things, specifically in the realm of web development. We’ll get into that later.) That being said, here’s my long overdue blog post - it’ll jump around until I get the hang of this.

Confessions of a Closeted Artist

For most of my life I was an artist in denial. I’ve always found solace in the various arts of expression, and they’ve always been in and around me, but I constantly denied that I was an artist. I made music, but I didn’t consider myself a musician. I wrote my poetry, but didn’t consider myself a poet. Even so far as my journey in Hip Hop, I still consider myself more of a DJ than an MC, but more of an MC than a rapper, more of a beat-maker than a producer etc. There came a time when it became apparent that I had to at least take it seriously if wanted to maintain my sanity, and ever since then, things have made more sense. 

(I’m still very technical, and like I said, we’ll get into that later, back to the art.)

The Musical Stuff

During my various periods of dealing with the art trying to escape my head, Ive been involved with several group projects. Some of what were intended to be on a solo experiment ended up getting transformed and absorbed into some pretty cool group projects, and the opportunity to work with some really cool people who happen to be awesome artists. Feel free to check them out, I’ve got links to some of them here on the site.

I’ve finally put together a solo piece, intended to be the first in a series, as we’re back in the lab working on more Mental Advisory Implicit Lyrics stuff while touring with Gangstagrass. I hope you dig it as much as the people who’ve checked it out so far, and I hope you dig it enough to share. One of my favorite parts of this is delivering these poems of mine to people, and that moment when it connects, especially when it’s live. 

The Official Soundtrack to A Work In Progress

One the reasons I don’t consider myself a rapper is I've never really seen myself as a “Rap Dude” in the predominant sense of the term. I consider myself more of a regular dude. A regular dude who loves Hip Hop. A regular dude who loves Hip Hop so much I couldn’t stand to be without it. I indeed love all forms of music, but I feel as though Hip Hop is one of the reasons for that diverse appreciation, since I’ve spent so much of my life digging through crates of records, looking for cool sounds to mix, cut and groove to, which found me researching each sounds origins, which all start to merge  at common sources. (Excuse the run-on, I’m streaming at this point and fear trying to edit this too much will lose whatever it is I’m trying to say here) Anyway, before I start rambling, I must say that although this regular dude who loves Hip Hop in all of its elements DOES rap. I don’t think I make “rap music” however. I deliver my poems over Hip Hop beats, thereby grabbing my definition of rap from the acronym of R.A.P. that as a kid I picked up from listening to the D.O.C. (Youngins, y’all REALLY NEED to pick up his first album!) when he described it as “Rythmic American Poetry” (I add a hyphenated “African-“ prefix). 

That being said, I am however a product of my environment, so as an MC, I have an obligation to deliver some boastful material. One of those boasts includes the place of my birth, the city I was raised in: Pensacola, Florida. It’s a small town with a long history and is home to some strong, hard-working folks, that has produced a tremendous amount of talent because of it. I’ll post a few links from time to time.

Many of you know I also have two brothers that rap, 5 One and Early C, feel free to check them out. I happen to think they’re GREAT! I’ll likely be posting stuff from them here, along with whatever cool stuff I run across from time to time. I’m glad I was able to get them both on this project, as we’ve each done tracks with each other, but only recently started doing tracks with all three of us.

Guest appearances: 

Will Fisk - First encounter Will at a show that Gangstagrass was playing on in Philly along with Android Plus. The band he was playing with was dope, and I made sure to catch them out at a gig they did a few years later. (For the past few years of touring I wasn’t getting out to shows unless we were playing somewhere.) I just had to do a track with this cat. Be on the lookout for more of Will.

Chuckie Joseph - Ridiculous percussionist, all around dope guy. Turns out he plays like TON of other instruments, so I’ll definitely be telling you more stuff about Chuck’s music.

5 One & Early C - This will be its own blog post.


Evil G - dope producer form the hometown. His stuff is just ridiculous.

El Connorz - my homie since forever, my DJ sensei, production ninja extraordinaire.

8 Bza - dope producer/MC from New Hampshire.

Thanks to a bunch of you, we’ve picked which tracks get a visual first, and I’ll post them as soon as they're ready. I’m pretty psyched about'em, and really look forward to seeing how they turn out. 

Upcoming Gigs: 

With Gangstagrass: 

Friday, December 11, 2015 - Brooklyn, NY 

Saturday, December 12, 2015 - Somerville, MA